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API Monitoring

Ensure your REST APIs are functional and performant with active monitoring.
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API monitoring
API Monitoring

Easy to setup and easy to use

  • Simple REST client-like UI to setup monitoring for your APIs
  • Javascript support - before request and after request script hooks to automate advanced scenarios
  • Compose multiple API requests to automate a complex test scenario
  • Externalize variables and run the same test on multiple environments
Browser Test recorder
API Monitoring

Configurable assertions

  • Assert your API functionality and performance without writing any code
  • Assert status code, response time or use JSONPath expressions to assert response payload
  • Before and After Request scripts allow adding custom Javascript code for authoring complex assertions
Network tracing and error logs
API Monitoring

Run from multiple locations

  • Ensure your APIs are accessible and perfomant for all your users all over the world.
  • No setup required - just select the monitoring locations and we take care of executing the test from all the selected locations.
  • more monitoring locations coming soon
Browser Test recorder
API Monitoring

So much more than just executing tests

  • Dashboards showing average, 90th percentile results and execution for each test
  • Support for Distributed Tracing for your API Test to trace all latency, performance bottlenecks, logs when the request propagates through your application stack
  • Multiple geolocation support to ensure your application is accessible for all your customers
  • Schedule your monitors to run on specific days at specific times, hour based or minute based schedules. Or just run manually when needed.
  • Reduce noise and send specific notifications to the right users or just send all notificatications to your team's distribution list. We also support notifications to Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Snooze alerts when your APIs are under maintenance
API Results


Execution Sequence
Understand the sequence of steps when your test is executed
Third-party libraries
Use third-party libraries part of your test for complex scenarios
Learn about DevRaven APIs that allow you access to Request/Response objects
Learn about using environment variables when writing tests