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Browser Tests

Run browser based UI tests from the cloud. Just record, run and get alerted for any failures.
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Synthetic monitoring for browser functionality and APIs

Cross-browser support

Run your tests on all popular browsers including mobile web browsers.
Capture logs, errors and screenshots.
Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
Browser Tests

Multiple ways to create tests for your user scenarios

  • DevRaven Recorder - a chrome extension that automatically generates browser tests for your web application user flows.
  • No-code editor - select from a catalog of browser actions to automate executing user scenarios
  • Scripting - Advanced users can simply add Javascript code using Playwright to setup monitoring
  • Recipes - Choose from our ready-to-use catalog of recipes for most common test scenarios
Browser Test recorder
Browser Tests

Trace network requests and browser logs

  • All network request metadata is automatically captured as your test is executed so you know about any failing network requests.
  • You are in control to not log certain network requests or strip query params.
  • All browser side console logs are automatically captured so you know of any browser side errors
  • Support for Distributed Tracing to trace and visualize all network requests as they flow through your distributed systems or microservices when executing your browser test.
Network tracing and error logs
Browser Tests

From simple tests to complex end-to-end user scenarios

  • Don't just write tests for performing simple actions, our platform allows composing your simple tests to verify any complex end-to-end user flow.
  • Multi-user scenarios, functionality that requires delay can easily be automated and continuously tested.
  • Just schedule to run your critical end-to-end flow continuously and proactively identify failures before your customers experience them.
Browser Test recorder
Browser Tests

So much more than just executing tests

  • Automatically capture screenshots on test failures
  • Dashboards showing average, 90th percentile results and execution for each test
  • Multiple geolocation support to ensure your application is accessible for all your customers
  • Schedule your monitors to run on specific days at specific times, hour based or minute based schedules. Or just run manually when needed.
  • Reduce noise and send specific notifications to the right users or just send all notificatications to your team's distribution list. We also support notifications to Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Browser Test recorder


DevRaven Recorder
Our easy to use Chrome extension for recording new tests
Third-party libraries
Use third-party libraries part of your test for complex scenarios
HTTP Requests
Invoke HTTP requests and also perform assertions using axios
Run the same test on multiple environments using variables