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Synthetic Monitoring

Run end-to-end tests for all your interfaces and get alerted for any failures. Zero coding required.
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Synthetic monitoring for browser functionality and APIs

Cross-browser support

Run your tests on all popular browsers including mobile web browsers.
Capture logs, errors and screenshots.
Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
Browser Tests

Monitor end-to-end user flows

  • Easy to setup - use our Recorder, no code editor or simply write code to automate your end-to-end scenarios.
  • Full stack visibility - automatically trace all network calls and browser side errors while running your tests
  • Auto cruise - schedule and run your tests from multiple geolocations
  • Stable, non-flapping browser tests - powered by Playwright framework
Browser Test results
Browser Tests

Multiple ways to create tests for your user scenarios

  • DevRaven Recorder - a chrome extension that automatically generates browser tests for your web application user flows.
  • No-code editor - select from a catalog of browser actions to automate executing user scenarios
  • Scripting - Advanced users can simply add Javascript code using Playwright to setup monitoring
  • Recipes - Choose from our ready-to-use catalog of recipes for most common test scenarios
Browser Test recorder
Browser Tests

Trace network requests and browser logs

  • All network request metadata is automatically captured as your test is executed so you know about any failing network requests.
  • You are in control to not log certain network requests or strip query params.
  • All browser side console logs are automatically captured so you know of any browser side errors
  • Support for Distributed Tracing to trace and visualize all network requests as they flow through your distributed systems or microservices when executing your end-to-end test.
Network tracing and error logs
API Monitoring

Ensure your APIs are functional and performant

  • Easy to setup - REST client like interface to setup monitoring for your APIs.
  • No code assertions - Assert response code, response time or add JSONPath expressions for validating response payload
  • Scripting support - Support to add before and after request scripts to verify complex test scenarios
  • Regression suite - Add your tests to Collections and run them all on new deployment or continuously
API Monitoring
API Monitoring

Configurable assertions

  • Assert your API functionality and performance without writing any code
  • Assert status code, response time or use JSONPath expressions to assert response payload
  • Before and After Request scripts allow adding custom Javascript code for authoring complex assertions
Network tracing and error logs


DevRaven Recorder
Our easy to use Chrome extension for recording new tests
Third-party libraries
Use third-party libraries part of your test for complex scenarios
Distributed Tracing
Learn about the ability to trace all requests flowing through your stack
Learn about using environment variables when writing tests