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Web Page Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of web pages for performance, SEO, accessibility scores.
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Monitor web page performance, SEO, accessibility scores
Ensure your web pages are performant

Scores and metrics

Spending money on Ads? Ensure your web pages are performant, SEO optimized and follows best practices.

Lighthouse Reports

Schedule Google Lighthouse runs from multiple geolocations on Desktop and mobile browsers to monitor your web page performance
Run and download Lighthouse reports
Enforce standards for your web pages with assertions

Assert Scores

Define required scores, by category, for your web pages and abide by those standards. We will automatically report failures if there is a drop in scores.

Flexible notifications

Reduce noise and send specific notifications to the right users or just send all notificatications to your team's distribution list. We also support notifications to Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Flexible notifications to reduce noise
Flexible schedules for running your monitors

Flexible scheduling

Schedule your monitors to run on specific days at specific times, hour based or minute based schedules. Or just run manually when needed.