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DevRaven helps you monitor your services and get alerted when things don't work as expected.
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Monitor your workflows, APIs or run end-to-end synthetic tests.
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Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
Synthetic Monitoring
Continuously run your browser based end-to-end functionality, powered by popular Playwright framework, and get alerted before your real customers get impacted.
API Monitoring
API monitoring
Monitor your REST APIs quickly and easily to ensure they are functional and accessible. Assert your API responses and performance timings with zero coding required.
SSL Monitoring
Monitor your SSL certificates to prevent expensive outages. Receive alerts for any issues with your certificates or receive advance warnings before the certificates expire.
Web Page Monitoring
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Run Lighthouse tests to evaluate Performance, SEO, Accessibility, Best Practices and PWA scores. Automatically receive alerts when scores drop for your web pages.
Script recipes
Ready to use Playwright script templates that can help you get started in under a minute
Capture screenshots of the page or specific elements while executing your tests.
Receive alerts via email, Slack and MS Teams for failures, warnings and recoveries.
Define variables for each environment that can used without hardcoding your tests


Get alerted on your favorite tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pagerduty, Opsgenie or just receive email notifications.
Built for teams
Built for teams

Retry on failure

We hate sending you notifications for transient errors in the middle of the night. We will automatically retry to ensure monitoring errors are persistent.

Built for teams

Invite all your team to your Workspace. No more password sharing or complicated pricing.
Built for teams
Built for teams

Global locations

Monitor your services from multiple geolocations.
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