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Monitor end-to-end user flows

DevRaven helps monitor your end-to-end application functionality and get alerted when things don't work as expected.
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Browser Tests

Monitor end-to-end user flows

  • Easy to setup - use our Recorder, no code editor or simply write code to automate your end-to-end scenarios.
  • Full stack visibility - automatically trace all network calls and browser side errors while running your tests
  • Auto cruise - schedule and run your tests from multiple geolocations
  • Stable, non-flapping browser tests - powered by Playwright framework
  • Support for OpenTelemetry Distributed Tracing
Browser Test results
API Monitoring

Ensure your APIs are functional and performant

  • Easy to setup - REST client like interface to setup monitoring for your APIs.
  • No code assertions - Assert response code, response time or add JSONPath expressions for validating response payload
  • Scripting support - Support to add before and after request scripts to verify complex test scenarios
  • Regression suite - Add your tests to Collections and run them all on new deployment or continuously
  • Support for OpenTelemetry Distributed Tracing
API Monitoring
Workflow Monitoring

Monitor complex workflows and integrations, easy peasy

  • Mix and match API calls or browser based functionality to execute complex workflow scenarios
  • Compose steps to orchestate your end-to-end flow using our drag-n-drop editor
  • Add optional delay between steps to simulate real world scenarios or async processes
  • Monitor your end-to-end workflows, integrations, ML training jobs or just about anything
Browser Test results
Script recipes
Ready to use script templates that can help you get started in under a minute
Capture screenshots of the page or specific elements while executing your tests.
Receive alerts via email, Slack and MS Teams for failures, warnings and recoveries.
Define variables for each environment that can be used without hardcoding your tests


Get alerted on your favorite tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Pagerduty, Opsgenie or just receive email notifications.
Built for teams

Global locations

Run your tests from multiple geolocations.